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NativUC. Terms and Conditions of Sale of Hardware

NativUC’s Technical Sufficiency Criteria

NativUC’s Technical Sufficiency Criteria

Requirements & Recommendations for NativUC Services

Use of NativUC products and services (collectively, “Services”) is dependent on meeting these Technical Sufficiency Criteria. These Technical Sufficiency Criteria are incorporated into and made a part of the applicable Service Agreement.

The Services require a properly-configured, high performance, enterprise-grade broadband IP network and connection. Use of the Services with any network, services, or connection not compatible with the Services may result in partial or complete unavailability, interruption, or underperformance of the Services or other services utilizing the same network, services, or connection. Likewise, 2G, 3G, or LTE networks are not recommended for use with the Services. Customer will provide and maintain, at its own cost, an IP network, services, and connection meeting the foregoing standard and all equipment necessary for the Services to connect to and use such network, services, and connection.

To minimize unauthorized use, Customer should (a) disable international calling for all Digital Lines, extensions or Accounts for which such calling activity is not needed or not authorized; (b) restrict international calling destinations to those that are needed and authorized; (c) block inbound calls from any caller and area codes from which Customer does not wish to receive calls and block inbound calls with no caller identification if appropriate; (d) disable attachment of facsimile image and voicemail audio files to message notification emails associated with Customer’s Account(s) and/or individual Digital Lines or extensions for which such functionality is not required and to the extent that such files may include sensitive or confidential content.

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