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Call Center Employee

Increase efficiency with real-time data

Every interaction with a customer offers valuable insight into your business. Talking to potential customers on the phone can shed light on what they are looking for.

Instead of having to manually type in  notes from every call and record information, VoIP CRM integrations take care of all the logging in real-time.  

Better Customer Experience

CRM integrations allow sales and support agents to anticipate a customer's needs in real-time. A good CRM integration automatically directs an agent to the incoming caller’s profile, or creates a new support ticket with information about the caller. This saves the agent time and allows them to focus on talking to the customer, not searching for their information as the call progresses.

Closed Loop Analytics

CRM data is critical for marketing departments to analyze customer behavior, craft marketing personas, and build campaign strategies. Access to CRM reports and sales funnel data helps marketing departments better assist sales agents in lead capture and conversion.

This CRM interchange is called 'closed loop analytics', because the process of sharing data closes the loop between the marketing and sales departments

Get the benefits of fully integrated solutions

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are a vital tool for businesses to keep track of their interactions with prospects and customers.​

CRM integrations allows you, to connect your CRM account with your cloud phone system and exchange data between the two platforms.

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