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Cloud Solutions
for Your Industry

Health care

Better communication can dramatically improve the quality and frequency of patient engagement, which can lead to better outcomes. Technological advances such as Unified Communications have shined new light on the critical role of effective communication in medical practices. Unified communications (UC) in healthcare has the potential to save money and save lives. UC integrates all of the communications tools and applications — such as voice, email, fax, video conferencing, instant messaging and presence — into a single platform.

See our case studies for UC and Telehealth solutions to learn more

Accounting & Financial Services

46% of financial institutions are feeling pressure to fully move to the cloud. The financial services industry is being pressured to unlock deep relationships in the digital era. Customers now demand the ability to engage instantaneously across multiple channels and devices. The communications requirements necessary to bridge the gap and support an ever-more mobile and globally connected workforce are beyond the PBX requirements of a decade ago. Financial services companies must look at communications as a central feature of a robust and comprehensive digital strategy

Five benefits financial services can expect with cloud based communications:
1. Delivering superior customer and employee experiences

2. Ensuring security and regulatory compliance

3. Driving operational efficiency

4. Eliminating unnecessary financial burden

5. Deploying quickly and reliably


Schools nationwide are cutting costs and getting rid of hassles with Unified Communications for educational institutions. In today's fast-paced educational environment, your organization needs reliable, flexible communications to keep staff and students connected. Cloud Communications offer schools the same low costs and advanced features that businesses have enjoyed for years:

  • Avoid paying the huge up-front costs of a PBX or traditional carrier.

  • Video Conferencing to allow students and parents to attend school meetings when both are unable

  • Help teachers assign assignments through Unified Communications applications.

  • Call Management to help you handle a high volume of calls from students and parents


A Contact Centre as a Software Solution (CCaaS) helps enterprises engage at the speed of employee and customer expectations by putting the collective intelligence of the organization in the hands of every employee. A CC solution integrates communications, collaboration and contact centre into one platform with one set of data, one workflow engine, and one analytics engine to help companies radically transform how they deliver exceptional customer experience. Give your agents instant access to tools and features such as, CRM Integration, Speech analytics & Quality management, Data reporting & Analytics, Omnichannel presence, to better serve your customers and increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Not for Profit

Agents are motivated and perform better when they spend more time talking to real people, have the right tools at their fingertips and can focus on their customer instead of technology. Do not put your organisation at risk of losing valuable funding due to the inability to handle inbound calls from clients or donors.

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