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Difficult journeys aren’t taken alone

Technology will never stop evolving and IT complexity in business is ever increasing. 

Having a trusted advisor who not only provides relevant insights but delivers a combination of strategic vision, proven expertise and practical experience – can enhance the value of your organisation. 

Our Exclusive NFP Freemium service is here to help set your organisation on the right path, prioritize your desired outcomes, identify your best first steps for adoption, and support your overall goals.  


What you will get from our

FREEMIUM Support service

Our tech advisers will be a fully present and active members of your team, available at key business meetings and responsible for driving positive change to help you maximise the opportunities ICT enables.

Technology gap anaysis

Performing a technology gap analysis will help you better understand your business's needs and identify the right areas to improve.

Technology roadmap

Understanding what is required to make your business a success starts with the development of a technology roadmap in line with business needs.

3-5 Years ROI Analysis

Profitability analysis and strategic guidance allows you to examine your options and make more informed and sound business decisions.
Strategic vendor

 Cultivate a strategic alliances to draw on the varied and specialised skills of a range of vendors and create a competitive advantage.

Exclusive NFP Freemium Service

Not for Profit organisation have to address many of the same technology challenges that private businesses face, but choosing the right technologies, services, processes and people to achieve digital transformation can be risky, time consuming and costly.

Many NFPs do not have the budget for a full IT team and may not have the benefit of a board level representative with a strong blend of commercial, leadership and technology skills to direct the process of digital transformation.

With our NFP freemium service, we’ll ensure  you have the necessary knowledge and strategy to act in the face of increasing complexity of today's technology landscape.


We will help minimise risks, maximise efficiency and plan to achieve your business goals.

Additional Benefits

Budget & cost control
Data management
Project management

Understand the full picture of your IT expenditure and ensure any future spend is based on a measured return on investment.

The management of an organisation’s data is a vital role where confidentiality, integrity and availability are critical to success. our team will ensure the protection of your data with the correct policies and procedures implemented and managed going forward.

IT projects need not be undertaken at risk if the team responsible are experienced and capable. A dedicated PM will take the lead and overall responsibility for the implementation of IT projects to mitigate risk and ensure success.

Communication skills

Many SMEs don’t understand technical language but do understand commercials. Engaging with our technology experts will ensure you have someone that can interpret technical jargon into commercially meaningful language

Decision making

Technical and commercial experience will help you make informed decisions, steer your transformation with the latest technology, design thinking and agility, while also energizing your legacy systems—at a pace that’s right for your business.

Stay ahead of the curve

your dedicated Tech adviser will proactively keep your business ahead of technology curves ensuring you are always aware of the latest advancements and if appropriate, present a business case for their adoption.

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