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Is the Balance of Power Shifting from UCaaS to CCaaS?

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Until recently, CCaaS was more of an add-on to the collaboration story, but 2020 has seen dramatic information technology shifts, variable circumstances in workforces, and just about every concern on the map, especially in CX (customer experience) being the new Holy Grail for competitive differentiation. CCaaS become the lead, and that should matter for anyone on their collaboration buyer’s journey.

While the pandemic forced face-to-face interactions into decline, customers still demand accessible, high-quality support, outstanding customer experience (CX) and genuine care.

In times of crisis, customers want to be heard and understood. They’re very tuned into what feels like genuine concern and empathy from a business, as well as what feels like marketing fluff or ‘brand speak’. COVID-19 pandemic really shines a light on the way companies show up for their customers.

From operational perspective, the shortage of agents, combined with a massive surge in customer contacts and the neceessity to shift all agents quickly to WFH, created the perfect storm for many contact centres. This capability meltdown caused significant challenges for organisations which had to reskill other staff to be contact centre agents.

While many organisations struggled to adapt and cope with the sudden changes, those with cloud-based contact centres were able to do it within 24 hours. The agility, and flexibility of cloud -based contact centre meant they were able to pivot quickly to cope with change.

In 2021 A Customer Experience Strategy will Define Your Success! According to Salesforce research 71% of customers believe businesses that have shown more care and empathy this year have gained more loyalty during the time period,which is why it’s so important to empower front-line contact centre agents to deliver customer experience in an empathetic way. So, a major necessity of the changing customer experience landscape in 2021 is remote support technology with the cloud based contact centre solution at the centre stage.

The use of remote technology will form a major trend not only for customer service, but across all business units and the leadership teams. Contact centre managers are hungry for performance metrics, and will want to track employee activity at home.

NativUC team can directly assist you with this transition and help set you up with the right tools to bring your customer experience journey to excellence. To learn more about what we could do for you, reach out to our team at or call us on 02 9051 0707.

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